Coronavirus Measures


During these unprecedented times, the wellbeing of our guests, our staff and the local community remain our number one priority. As a result, we have implemented a stringent new anti-coronavirus policy.

  • Upon request, guests will receive a complimentary personal organic hand sanitizer spray made by Kerzon in Paris, specially selected for SSH, and a reusable fabric facemask, handmade by Karuizawa artisans. Guests are encouraged to carry these items with them at all times.
  • A rigorous new deep cleansing program will be carried out by staff on a regular basis, with a focus on high touch points such as door knobs and hand rails, to ensure the highest possible hygiene levels throughout your stay.
  • The hotel’s spacious layout consists of several self-contained room clusters, each with their own entrance and living space. We will allocate bookings to separate clusters where possible, to minimize guest contact.
  • Please kindly understand that we are unable to accept guests who have a temperature or in the previous 14 days have: tested positive for coronavirus, been in contact with anyone who has tested positive or visited a restricted country. Guests are also encouraged to download the contact tracing app “Coalition” during their stay.