Make yourself at home – from intimate breakfasts and pop-up dinners to bento box picnics in nature.


Hand-made pastries, local breads, organic fruit jams and freshly brewed pots of Karuizawa Coffee: guests at SSH are spoilt with a delicious spread of locally-sourced produce at breakfast, served around the communal table in the Grand Room.


In the mood for a special dinner with friends and family? Simply choose from a range of Karuizawa’s top chefs before visiting – from the husband-wife duo at Mori Q to the talented Asama Brothers – and enjoy your very own private pop-up feast in the Grand Room. Available for groups of six or more.


SSH is friends with the very best restaurants across Karuizawa, a region long famed in Japan for its high quality seasonal cuisine.

Just tell staff what you happen to be craving – be it soba, unagi eel, modern French, sushi, multi-course kaiseki, in an architect-designed space or on a local counter seat – and they can quickly make it happen. In-house delivery can also be arranged.


There are few better places to savor delicious food than in nature. Enjoy an al fresco feast by ordering a picnic bento box, packed with seasonal and local treats, to enjoy by waterfalls or in forests.


The art of appreciating the world’s finest drinks is taken very seriously at SSH. An expertly curated collection of rare whiskies, nihonshu sake, wines and vintage Champagne are available for guests to try.

  • Vintage Karuizawa Whisky
  • Other Japanese Whisky
  • Vintage Macallan Whisky
  • Samaroli Flowers Series
  • Other Samaroli Whisky
  • Vintage Cadenhead Whisky
  • Vintage Penfolds 1965- 66
  • Burgundy Rousseau Mazy-Chambertin