Be it a meditative garden stroll or a forested mountain hike, treat yourself to a full recharge in nature.

Nature sits comfortably alongside architecture at Shishi-Iwa House
Karuizawa. The retreat was built to flow, quite literally, through the
existing forest trees – plus just on its doorstep are mountains,
rivers, waterfalls. It’s the perfect place to recharge.

Shishi-Iwa House Karuizawa is serenely positioned in a particularly special and nature-rich location
in Karuizawa. This area, carefully conserved through meticulous government protection, has
countless natural highlights.

Birdsong fills the fresh mountain air at the National Wild Bird Sanctuary Forest, home to around 100
hectares of pristine forests, wild flowers and 80-plus varieties of birds. An expansive network of
scenic hiking trails, each changing vividly through the seasons, also transports guests to the volcanic
trails, fast-flowing rivers and ancient waterfalls that can be found within walking distance of the retreat.


“The surrounding nature itself is the design concept.”
So says the hotel’s architect Shigeru Ban – and it’s easy to see why. A colorful cornucopia of more than 260 trees cocoons the hotel – cherry trees, red maples, cedars, evergreens – providing an ever-changing natural backdrop.


Karuizawa is nirvana for nature-lovers – and SSH staff know all the best spots to visit: from hidden waterfalls and cross country ski trails to mountain hikes and horse-riding routes.

  • Yacho no Mori Wild Bird Forest
  • Hanareyama Park, Joshin’etsu Kogen National Park
  • Sengataki Falls