Epicure Singapore 7th June 2024


ZEROMILE 6th June 2024

Shishi-Iwa House in Karuizawa, known for its buildings designed by renowned architects, announced a four-night, five-day accommodation plan to enjoy autumn in Karuizawa on May 27, 2024.

Living – Corriere della Sera 18th February 2024

Nestled amidst the peaks and untamed forests surrounding Karuizawa, just an hour's train ride from Tokyo, lie three contemporary architectural marvels crafted by Pritzker Prize winners. They are part of the Shishi-Iwa House project: SSH No.01 and SSH No.02 by Shigeru Ban, and SSH No.03 by Ryue Nishizawa. These structures boast luxurious interiors inspired by both Japanese and Western styles, featuring exquisite hinoki craftsmanship.

Karuizawa’s Architectural Gem: Shishi-Iwa House No.03 9th February 2024

When designing Shishi-Iwa House No.03, Ryue Nishizawa, co-founder of SANAA, employs traditional Japanese architecture to create a meditative timber retreat.

Robb Report Singapore 31st January 2024

Shishi-Iwa House offers an exclusive Kintsugi experience that is both artistic and philosophical

FIGARO.JP 4th December 2023

Top chefs gather! Witness the "Culinary Retreat at Shishi-Iwa-House".

Vogue Singapore 21st November 2023

At Shishi-Iwa House, century-old Japanese tradition meets experimental architecture

XINMEDIA 15th November 2023

Taste of Karuizawa! Stay in an architect-designed hotel room and enjoy exquisite cuisine made from small-farm ingredients.

PT Magazine 3rd October 2023

Architecture where you can enjoy the space itself

SPUR.JP 22nd September 2023

The world-famous architect's first inn where masterpiece chairs and art [Nagano|Shishiiwa House Karuizawa No.03]

Travel + Leisure 22nd August 2023

This Locavore, Boutique, Design Hotel Is the Total Japan Immersion We Need Right Now

Champ Magazine 4th August 2023

SANAA's Ryue Nishizawa Weaves Architectural Flow At This Retreat in Karuizawa

SCMP Post Magazine 21st July 2023

Inspiring 21st century take on traditional design in Japanese boutique hotel, latest in a stable of architecturally potent retreats designed by Pritzker laureates.

OPENERS 28th June 2023

Enjoy architectural beauty and natural serenity at Shishiwa House Karuizawa

Time Out 18th June 2023

Architect Ryue Nishizawa of SANAA designed the third building of the "Shishiwa House" hotel.

SAVOR JAPAN 29th April 2023

“Shishi-Iwa House Karuizawa” for a journey of famous architecture and gastronomy in Karuizawa

designboom 17th April 2023

ryue nishizawa designs nature retreat, nodding to japanese concept of negative space

Tatler 14th April 2023

【日本旅遊推薦】普立茲克建築獎得主西澤立衛輕井澤新作「Hinoki House No.3」將揭幕:透明簡樸空間絕美、扁柏木色調香氣營造神聖感!

Wallpaper* 7th April 2023

Shishi-iwa House launches SSH No.03 by Ryue Nishizawa, a fresh addition to the ambitious Japanese hotel's Karuizawa campus

THE PEAK 31st December 2022

5 new luxury hotels to stay in Tokyo and its neighboring prefectures. Consider one of these luxurious accommodations on your next visit to Tokyo and its surrounding areas.

NUMERO Tokyo 24th December 2022

Luxurious time spent in nature away from daily life "Shishiwa House Karuizawa.

AXIS Web Magazine 24th December 2022

Boutique Hotel to in Nature, design Journey at Shishiwa House Karuizawa.

Hitosara MAGAZINE 23rd November 2022

Shishiiwa House Karuizawa, a trip to Karuizawa this winter for its famous architecture and gastronomy.

AD 9th November 2022

Hotels in Japan: We've been eagerly awaiting these 12 new openings

Vogue Japan 8th November 2022

Stay at a masterpiece architectural hotel where you can relax as if you were in a villa.

LEON 14th October 2022

A glimpse of Karuizawa's famous architectural hotel, Shishiwa House Karuizawa!

T Magazine, New York Times 23rd March 2022

Views from the monumental windows will make you feel as if you are floating in the forest canopy…

Daily Telegraph 16th August 2019

Shishi-Iwa House is a perfectly crafted hideaway with 10 rooms, offering a serene mix of contemporary art, architecture and nature.

Travel + Leisure 20th April 2020

One of Japan’s best new getaways…
Designed to stimulate creativity in an isolated, rural setting.

Japan Times 12th March 2020

Shishi-Iwa House aims to create a new-generation prototype of social hospitality.

Forbes Japan 7th March 2020


Richesse 28th September 2019


Dezeen 5th February 2020

A Shigeru Ban-designed boutique hotel in Japan is among projects shortlisted in this year’s AHEAD Asia 2020 Awards.

Design Anthology Magazine 12th December 2019

It’s not every day one has the chance to stay in a property designed by a Pritzker Prize winner.

GQ Japan 15th August 2019


Architectural Digest 25th July 2019

This Japanese forest oasis raises the bar on design retreats…

A tranquil intellectual retreat, infused with warmth and airiness.

Pen Magazine 9th July 2019

イノベーティブな建築は坂 茂氏の真骨頂。

Habitus Living 20th June 2019

The retreat focuses on creating connections with nature from the outside inward.

Vogue Japan 11th June 2019


Singapore Tatler 11th June 2019

To minimise the impact on the environment, the property has been built around the existing trees; the result is a unique curved exterior that’s at one with nature.

Elle Japon 6th June 2019


South China Morning Post 17th May 2019

Its design embodies the idea of social hospitality – about guests spending time together to exchange ideas, yet retaining their privacy.

Design Milk 6th March 2019

The gabled roof runs a sinuous curve around the woodlands, emphasizing the outdoor spaces and natural views.

Wallpaper* 26th February 2019

A calm retreat of shaded courtyards, enclosed gardens and vast rooms.
Conceived by its architect to be a little out of the ordinary.

designboom 1st February 2019

Shigeru Ban developed a building approach which respects the forest while carefully curating views from the guest rooms.