New 1 million yen Initiative Supporting Karuizawa Restaurants


Shishi-Iwa House is pleased to announce the establishment of a new “SSH Pay-Forward Program”, through which it will commit a total of 1 million yen to support small independently-owned restaurants located in its neighborhood in Karuizawa. The objective of the pay-forward program is to provide much-needed short-term cash to restaurants to pay for operations during this difficult period.

The pay-forward program involves Shishi-Iwa House paying in advance to each qualified restaurant a total of 50,000 yen for meal vouchers to be used at some time in the future. In exchange, the restaurant will offer either a small price discount or a meal upgrade to Shishi-Iwa House guests.

SSH founder Huy Hoang explains: “The local community is incredibly important to Shishi-Iwa House. We are a part of the community fabric and we need to support each other during good and bad times. This pay-forward program is a win-win initiative for everyone in the community.”

All small independently-owned restaurants located near Shishi-Iwa House are eligible to apply. For more information, please contact